How to Hire Well, When You Are Busy Doing Your Job

Do you know that good people are the key to a great company but you are struggling to hire the right people?  This session is ideal for busy professionals who need a little support in hiring, evaluating and bringing on the right people to their organization.

Building Your Personal Brand  

Have you thought about what lasting impression people have about you when you leave a room?  Is that image/ brand consistent across all of your marketing materials?  Come start to define and develop your brand and learn how to incorporate your values, strengths, marketable skills, and accomplishment stories into a brand that will demonstrate your value-add to employers.

Your Career Won’t Plan Itself: 4 Essential Questions for Career Happiness

Do you ever feel like you don’t have control over where your career is headed? Do you want to be more proactive in designing a career that you are excited about - that you can work towards? Come learn actionable strategies that you can implement to take charge of your career development and happiness. 

Creative Ways to Source Jobs

Did you know that approximately 80% of jobs are never advertised or posted? How can you discover these jobs?  Come learn strategies and creative approaches on how to network your way into your next job – both in-person and using LinkedIn.

Networking for Introverts

When you tend towards introversion, making the leap to get out there and network can feel daunting. This workshop will help you to utilize your strengths as an introvert, to build meaningful long term relationships with your network - in ways that don’t make you hesitant.

Do it for your career: Networking for Everyone

Networking is the key ingredient in landing your next great job and building your network to plan for future career options. Many people wait to start networking until they are getting the itch to move on or changes are happening in their organization which may impact their role. This workshop is intended for those who want to make networking an integral part of their long term career development strategy - rather than a quick fix to get a new job. 

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